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6 Warning Signs that Your Elderly Loved One is Suffering from Depression

6 Warning Signs that Your Elderly Loved One is Suffering from Depression

Geriatric depression is a term that refers to the depression experienced by the senior citizens. Though the condition is still similar to the depression felt by the younger patients, they carry an extra weight. Said extra load is due to their age and the additional health complications that they are experiencing.

Coping with depression is hard. Coping with it in old age and frail body is hellish. Not everybody may understand them but they need your help. Appropriate actions should be done immediately.

Feel like your senior loved one is suffering from depression? Confirm whether or not they are, with these common factors:

  1. Family history
    Depression may be inherited. If you know that your family has a history of this awful disorder, better consult the professionals to know what should be done. Also, it will be helpful if you would ask participation from the whole clan.
  2. Isolation
    Have you noticed lately that your senior loved one has been on his own? Maybe it is a sign to be worried. Reach out to them and always keep them accompanied. Leaving them all alone will expose them to other risks like falls and accidental slips.
  3. Irritability
    Irritability may be interpreted as a sign of depression. People with depression feel extreme sadness that keeps them from functioning properly. It’s possible that being dysfunctional frustrates them. It may make them feel confused and lost. Due to depression, they may lash out on things just to be relieved of their uneasy feelings.
  4. Crying spells
    Crying is a human instinct of expressing anguish. If your senior loved one is continuously crying and the same is already affecting his day-to-day life, he may be suffering from depression already.
  5. Lack of sleep
    Due to sad thoughts and feelings, the mental health of the afflicted elderly is impaired. Oftentimes, it disturbs their sleep as well.
  6. Suicidal thoughts
    Watch out for verbal and non-verbal cues. Suicide is rampant to people aging 60 and up.
    Always find ways to keep their thoughts positive. Engaging them in fulfilling activities can help. This way, the risk of committing suicidal acts may be lessened.

Studies show that solitariness is one of the leading causes of depression among the seniors. They may feel that they no longer have somebody who cares for them and that they are already worthless. Do not let them succumb to this mentality. Provide them companionship.

It is understandable that you cannot physically attend to your loved one’s every need. To cope with this inability, hire reliable home care services. Helping Hands Home Care, an In-Home Care in Oregon, is a name you can trust.

We boast our Caregivers in Portland? because they had undergone rigorous training to meet the specific needs of your ailing loved one. Not only that, they are certainly approachable and will ensure client sensitivity.

To know what else we can offer, simply visit www.helpinghandshomecare.com. For your other queries, simply call 503-239-8000 or send them to info@helpinghandshomecare.com.

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