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Failing to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Aging Mom

Failing to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Aging Mom

Nothing would make up the day of your aging parent than a visit from her children. After all, spending the rest of their days in their own abode is the most convenient and independent retirement option.

But let us cut to the chase and get real here; not all people can take a day off to celebrate Mother’s Day with their aging parent. They will only encounter various problems if they do so.

So what is the most suitable course of action? How can you make Mother’s Day more memorable if visiting them on the day itself is not an option?

  • Give them a call
    Technology has made our lives easier. And along with technology, we have encouraged the advent of easy and unprecedented means of communication. We have bridged people from across the globe. We helped decrease the distance of two loved ones. And the funny thing is that we are capable of doing it only with our fingertips.

    If distance is a problem why you cannot visit mother on Mother’s Day, you can simply give them a call. Calling your loved one is not only limited to long distance telephone calls. You can also opt for video calls so that both of you can see each other’s faces.

  • Ask them to come over
    You may think it is a bad idea for the older family member to visit the younger but with a schedule so tight and responsibilities so many, you may have no other choice. Traveling is dangerous, especially for your elderly mother. But do not fret; there are numerous transportation services providers that specialize in transporting the elderly.

    And believe us when we say that even the older adults enjoy traveling around. You can think of this as your treat to mom.

  • Leave them in the hands of professional caregivers
    Seniors need to be taken care of 24/7. This is imperative because their declining health could leave them defenseless against diseases and accidents. Caregivers can look after these older individuals. These professionals are trained to give companionship to the aging individual to prevent depression and isolation.

Time is the most important gift you can ever give to a loved one, more specifically to an aged parent this Mother’s Day. You may not have the luxury of it but know that you can do other things to make up for your absence during this special day.

Helping Hands Home Care is willing to fill you in. We provide companionship in Corvallis to assist your mom in her daily needs and routines. Professional caregiving services are made available here in our In-home care in Oregon. Such services are as follows:

  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Medication services
  • And much more

Simply visit our website at www.helpinghandshomecare.com to refer mom to our reliable services. Do not leave mom alone this Mother’s Day.


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