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Home Safe Home: 3 Basic Prevention Tips to Avoid Falling

Home Safe Home: 3 Basic Prevention Tips to Avoid Falling

People’s mobility decreases as they continue getting older. It is common for aging individuals not to be able to do some of the things they used to do when they were younger. Although this decline from our body functions is inevitable, we can find ways to avoid worsening our situation. There are ways not to involve ourselves in an accident at the walls of our own home. Here are some of the things to keep in mind to prevent falls – one, if not the most common accidents to happen to seniors at home.

Get rid of the rarely used

Objects and appliances can be an obstacle in walking. Organize your home in such a way that there is a clear path for people to walk comfortably. Make sure that small objects on the floor can be removed and place rarely used objects in a room where no one usually goes (e.g., attic, warehouse, etc.).

Install things for safety

  • Bars and Drills
    Slips and falls are the common reasons why seniors injure themselves. To minimize or completely avoid such accidents to happen, install safety bars and drills in usually damp areas and in places near staircases and doors.
  • Light Bulbs
    Fixing light bulbs is also a good start to avoid accidents. It is important to place lighting fixtures in areas with minimal light. Putting up lights near staircases and near the door will also help you and your loved ones see what’s ahead to avoid stepping some objects or slipping on wet floors that may cause falling or slipping.
  • Mats
    Non-slip mats should be placed in areas that are usually damp such as the kitchen and comfort rooms. Its purpose is basically to dry your slippers just before you step inside the other room and have a rough surface to slowly step on to the slippery area ahead.

Be Mindful

Prevention does not only mean preparation. It can also imply that people should be more aware and careful about the things around them. You can avoid accidents like these when you just simply watch where you are going. Moreover, being considerate to seniors by assisting them when they walk around the house will also matter a lot.

Accidents such as falls can be prevented by following and having precautionary measures in our homes. Our preparation to such unfortunate outcomes can be avoided when we make our home a safer place to stay. Seniors can also maximize the services from our Companionship in Corvallis who are trained to assist and take care of them right at their homes.

Enjoy going through aging with the help and services of Helping Hands Home Care, a quality and trusted In-Home Care in Oregon. True to our name, our caregivers are trained to lend you a hand for you to be able to continue living comfortably and independently.

For more information, call us or email us at info@helpinghandshomecare.com. You can also check our website at www.helpinghandshomecare.com to know more about the services we offer just for you.

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