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How to Boost Your Seniors Mental Health

How to Boost Seniors Mental Health

Aging is inevitably part of the natural process. Not avoiding the issue and dealing with it will set you apart from the rest of the senior population. If you welcome it and embrace it with grace and patience, you can grow old happily. If you choose to go through aging with denial and anger, especially when it comes to your health, you may not fare well.

Recent studies have shown that one of the biggest health problems concerning seniors today is centered more toward their mental condition. Stress, depression, and anxiety are just some of the common mental health problems that commonly occur among seniors. Many speculate this has become worse due to not having a companion or becoming isolated from their family members.

Do not wait for this to happen to you or your elderly loved ones. It is best to give them the right medical attention they need and the care they deserve from you and from a competent personal caregiver from Helping Hands Home Care, a trusted name of In-Home Care in Oregon.

How can we boost our loved ones’ mental health?

Show them some TLC

There is nothing more comforting to seniors than to receive some loving attention from their family members. Whether you have taken care of them through home care or a nursing facility, it is always best to show them some love by spending time with them.

One way of keeping our loved ones’ body and mind in good condition is by nourishing them with care and their proper medication. You can let a caregiver handle all their medical needs. However, when it comes to moral support, it is your task as a family member to give them adequate attention.

Neglect and the feeling of isolation often leads to depression. When our senior loved ones undergo depression, it could be the gateway to different health problems because of their lack of interest to do other activities.

Get up and be active!

Exercise is an effective way of clearing our mind of worry and anxiety and releasing powerful “feel good” chemicals that counteract depression. For seniors, being active can help them with their resistance to illness, physical and mental health and retain balance in life. Help them find a new hobby or enjoy a hike. Seniors can get bored and lonely and these activities can help create a more enjoyable life.

You can also enroll in some stress-relieving exercises, like yoga and tai chi. These are simple exercises that your loved ones can do with no hassle at all. The basic routines and the habit of breathing deeply can help them calm their minds and have a positive outlook on life.

What are the other ways you can think of that can help boost the mental health of your senior loved ones? Let us know your ideas so we can adjust to the needs of our clients as well.

At Helping Hands Home Care, a leader in providing world-class caregivers in Portland, wants you to experience the best in in-home care. For inquiries or schedule an assessment, please visit our website at www.helpinghandshomecare.com, or call us at 503-239-8000.

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