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It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

As a person ages, there is a deeper need for companionship to fill the void brought about by loneliness. A widow, a divorcee, or just someone who never found the right partner during their younger years still has the desire to be loved and love again. The baby boomer generation is more eager to get back in the dating game once they find that they are alone later in life. Helping Hands Home Care, an in-home care in Oregon, understands and sympathizes with this. We know the need for companionship is very important, which is why we provide in-home care in Oregon without restricting the client’s independence and choices. We offer the freedom to socialize without compromising your health or condition.

Being alone increases the risk of senior depression and isolation. Studies show that this can greatly impact a person’s overall well-being and condition. Some may think that senior dating is awkward and unnecessary. But even when you reach an older age, you still have feelings of desire and love. There is still a need to connect and get intimate with another person. It’s not about being sexual and passionate, it’s about the importance of companionship and partnership at their age. There are many barriers and hindrances when it comes to senior dating, here are a few examples:

  1. Appearance – many seniors, especially women, can feel unattractive and undesirable.
  2. Age – for senior men, they prefer to seek younger partners with the intention to start a new family.
  3. Virility – there is a sense of inferiority when it comes to reproduction.
  4. Mortality rate – based on statistics and studies, women live about eight years longer than men, which mean that the ratio of senior men and women is not close to equal.
  5. Family – sometimes the family of the senior adult, most especially the children, isn’t really keen.

As in-home care providers, we see the importance of senior adults socializing and interacting with peers. We are proactive in ensuring that interactions and companionships are for the benefit of the patient/client and can help in a positive way. At their age, it is important to seize the day. Cliché as it may sound but it certainly has some truth to it, especially as we don’t get any younger.

We at Helping Hands Home Care are flexible with your needs. We are here to assist and guide you and make your in-home stay comfortable and boundless. Love, no matter at what age, is meaningful and beautiful and you have the right to experience and enjoy it.


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