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Why Pets are Important to the Elderly Adults

Why Pets are Important to the Elderly Adults

Older adults are also fond of taking in an animal to become a part of the family. As you can see, these creatures contribute a lot in the life of our older one. So why are pets important to the elderly adults? Here are the reasons why:

  • Helps with depression

    A couple growing old together experiences the highest and the lowest point together. All these will come to an end when one decides to cross over the rainbow, leaving the other isolated, sad, and depressed.

    To help them cope with the feelings of loneliness, you introduced a new addition to the family – a dog. This dog gives your elderly company. Whenever the widow or widower remembers the sad memory, it is the furry companion that keeps them distracted. Whenever they feel alone, the new friend is there to keep them entertained.

  • Encourages physical activity

    When we grow old, physical activities may be the least of our priorities. No one wants to move around with aching bones and joints. But because of the needs of one’s animal companion, the elderly is forced to overlook his or her comfort.

    With dogs, the older patients are encouraged to go outside and take them for walks. Cats, on the other hand, allow their older masters or cat slaves to get active as these elderly individuals play chase the red dot with them.

  • Opens a new social experience

    While taking their dogs for a walk, the elderly individual may meet new people along the way. They could be neighbors or some random stranger on the park. And when this happens, it will open the once depressed and isolated senior to new social experience.

    This is also similar with cats. Cat lovers have their unique way of finding each other. No matter how distant they are, a magnet seems to pull these people together allowing them to bond with each other. Pets can help their owners gain new friends and with this, the latter will not be alone in more times to come.

  • Heals wounds

    Stress, depression and other negative emotions slow down a person’s ability to regenerate and heal oneself. But if the patient remains positive and happy, their recovery will surely astound their attending physician.

    Pets prevent a patient from feeling down. And let us give cats a special mention. Cat’s purrs are capable of healing the bones. It can also induce the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Animals are one of our greatest companions. But when you are no longer capable of caring for them due to the progression of your disease, you can count on Helping Hands Home Care ’spet care.

Helping Hands Home Care provides In-home care in Oregon. We have with us an army of dedicated caregivers in Portland who have nothing in mind but the sole purpose of attending to a senior’s needs.

For more information about our services, visit www.helpinghandshomecare.com.


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