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Why Staying at Home is Preferred by Most Seniors

Why Staying at Home is Preferred by Most Seniors

There is no place like home! Indeed, growing old in the comforts of our home and with our loved ones is more satisfying than being confined in a fancy nursing facility. We want to age and be surrounded by our loved ones. Even with the mere fact of having familiar face and place that we see on a regular basis, it can already do so much for our senior loved ones.

As one of the leaders in in-home care, Helping Hands is here to serve you and your loved ones. Our caregiving services will not only provide your loved ones an excellent quality of home care, but companionship as well. We promote home care as it is very beneficial in terms of the recovery and health activity of most seniors.

Furthemore, here are two things that you might consider when it comes to in-home care:

Safe Environment

Growing old in a familiar place takes a ton of stress away from our senior loved ones. They do not have to deal with stress and adjust to a new place with strangers. It is easier for them to move around and be more comfortable in their surroundings. Moreover, our caregivers and intake personnel look for and rectify potential trip hazards, ensure smoke detectors work properly and look for safety hazards that may lead to a life-altering accident.

Personal and Professional Care

Another advantage of in-home care is that seniors will receive excellent care from their own personal caregivers. One reason why seniors opt in-home care is that they do not have to compete with anyone in terms of the care that they need. Many facilities have one caregiver serving over a dozen residents. We offer customized, one-on-one caregivers to work directly with the client. This helps not only with safety, but companionship and quality of life. All while keeping the house up and providing access to hot, nutritious meals and transportation to their care providers.

It is just so relaxing to know that our seniors get the kind of personalized attention that they need right away, and they get it on demand. They can also get round-the-clock medication assistance to ensure the right amount at the right time is being administered, keeping them healthy and well-balanced.

The comfort that our caregivers provide is incomparable. After our staff provides a complimentary assessment and develops a thorough Plan of Care, you can have compassionate, well-trained professionals visit you on an on-call basis or for round-the-clock care. You just have to determine the extent of caregiver services that your loved ones need.

For more details about caregiving and our list of services at Helping Hands Home Care, a provider of world-class care throughout Oregon, you can check our website at www.helpinghandshomecare.com, or give us a call.

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